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Our Practice Areas

Our attorneys concentrate their practices in real estate law in northeastern Illinois. We can help you buy, sell, refinance, manage and protect your investment. There are several interrelated and overlapping legal areas on which we can provide assistance and guidance.


  • Selling Real Estate: Home sellers require the counsel and guidance of a real estate attorney. Our attorneys will advise you on negotiating the sale, clear title issues, and prepare the documents you need to close the transaction. If necessary, we can advise you on short sales and deeds in lieu of foreclosure. It is critical for any home seller to have a skilled real estate attorney at his or her side through this transaction.
  • Buying Real Estate: Buying a home is  the single largest financial transaction most people ever enter into. Having trusted, skilled legal advice is critical in this process. Real estate contracts have become more and more complex over the years. Financing has become unique, with the meltdown in the mortgage markets in 2008-2009 causing never-ending difficulties for home buyers.  Our attorneys will help you through this incredibly complicated and substantially risky transaction, to help make sure that your home purchase experience is trouble-free.
  • Estate Planning: Often neglected, a proper estate plan is critical for virtually everyone, especially homeowners. Buying a home is just the first step; keeping that home in your family according to your wishes is the next step. Our attorneys can assist you in preparing a proper estate plan. Estate planning is the process of planning for life-changing events, such as disability and death. A proper estate plan will help you ensure that your family is provided for if you die or become disabled. It will help you provide safeguards for the protection and preservation of your assets. Finally, it will provide an orderly, fair, and fairly priced means of managing and distributing your property in case of your disability or death.
  • Condominium Association Management: Condominium association boards face a unique set of challenges, particularly in challenging economic times. We advise small and mid-size boards on their rights and responsibilities in dealing with owners, management companies, and outsiders. Being on a condominium board is a thankless, volunteer task; let our attorney guide you through this process.
  • Real Estate Development: Real estate developers need a trusted and skilled advisor who can help them navigate the legal and financial minefield of real estate development. Our attorneys are skilled in advising and assisting on real estate acquisition, management, leasing, sales and condominium conversion.
  • Managing Real Estate: A property owner has ongoing legal needs once the closing is over. Our attorneys can guide you on leasing issues, property disputes and other aspects of managing and owning property in Illinois.
  • Small Business: Setting up a small business such as an LLC, Corporation or not-for-profit corporation is an excellent way to protect your assets such as your home. Done incorrectly, it is a waste of time and money. Done correctly, a small business can help provide limited liability protection. Our attorneys can help you set up and operate your small business in an effective and cost-consious manner.

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